The Growth of the Vegan Market – Some Citations

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Investors worth trillions are putting pressure on food companies
to serve more fake meat

Tyson AND Cargill
"Investing money in plant-based proteins is the smart move right now. 
Today’s consumers are — more than ever before — turning to plants as a 
primary source of protein. As of 2012, sales of meat alternatives reached 
an impressive $553 million. The sector is expected to grow to a 
staggering $5.17 billion by 2020."

"But slipping a meat imitator into the meat section goes beyond a single company—
it marks an inflection point for a fast-growing new food industry that wants to
 deliver the protein-rich foods consumers want and need without involving a 
live animal. Not long ago, the prospect of infiltrating the meat section 
was a wild dream for companies working on plant- and lab-based meats. In breaking 
that barrier, Beyond Meat has opened the window for massive disruption of the 
traditional meat industry."

A 2016 Harris poll found that 3.3% of U.S. adults are vegetarian, and around 
half of those (1.6%) are vegan. However, in the 18­-34 year old group, the numbers 
rise to 5.3% vegetarian of whom 2.6% are vegan.

Lab-grown meat (some debate on how vegan this really is, but it does solve 
many problems associated with meat production)

Nondairy Milk Sales Soar; Dairy Milk Plummeting

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