It’s easy to eat vegan in and around Kalamazoo! Below are some of our favorite vegan restaurants. If you know of a business that should be included please email me. And when you frequent the below businesses, please tell them Vegan Kalamazoo sent you! – Hillary


  • Arcadia Ales. (701 E. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo; 269-276-0458). Brewery and restaurant with several vegan options including a vegan pulled pork sandwhich and vegan coleslaw. More info.
  • Central City Tap House. (359 S. Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo; 269-492-0100). Local bar/restaurant with three locations. Several vegan options including vegan jackfruit tacos. More info.
  • Centre Street Tap House. (3251 Centre St, Portage; 269-492-3500). Local bar/restaurant with three locations. Several vegan options including jackfruit tacos. More info.
  • One Well Brewing. (4213 Portage Street, Kalamazoo; 269-459-9240). Family-friendly brewpub featuring many vegan options including pizza with vegan cheese. More info.
  • Shakespeare’s Pub. (241 East Kalamazoo Ave., Kalamazoo; 269-488-7782). Features several Ope‘s items. More info.
  • Sprinkle Road Tap House. (5003 Park Circle Dr., Kalamazoo; 269-775-1390). Local bar/restaurant with three locations. Several vegan options including jackfruit tacos. More info.

Breakfast Places (some also serve other meals)

  • Anna’s House. (4700 Stadium Dr., Kalamazoo; 866-672-6627). Local breakfast restaurant chain with several vegan options. More info.
  • Cosmo’s Cucina. (804 W. Vine St., Kalamazoo; 269-344-5666). Cozy bistro open for breakfast on the weekends. Some plates can be altered to be vegan (oatmeal made with water, potatoes w/o cheese, toast). More info.
  • Crow’s Nest. (816 S Westnedge Ave., Kalamazoo; 269-978-0490). Eclectic bistro menu; lots of vegan options for all three meals. More info.
  • Station 702. (702 Douglas Ave., Kalamazoo; 269-350-3599). Fast casual restaurant offering a small vegan menu featuring vegan hash and a vegan burrito. More info.
  • Studio Grill. (312 W. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo; 269-341-4100). Breakfast and lunch restaurant featuring vegan chili and other options. More info.

Coffee (Note: most coffee shops, including all the major chains, now offer nondairy milk options, so below we feature only those local coffee shops that offer vegan foods.)

  • Black Owl Cafe. (414 Walbridge St., Kalamazoo; 269-459-1334). Cafe with local coffee from Kalamazoo Coffee Company, non-dairy milk alternatives for drinks, and features vegan brunch options on the weekend. More info.
  • Coexist Cafe. (2901 Howard St., Kalamazoo; 269-312-8899). Coffee shop/cafe with a rotating vegan selection on the menu. More info.
  • Fourth Coast Cafe. (816 S Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo; 269-383-0202). Coffee house with vegan muffins, brownies, etc. Open 24 hours. More info.
  • Walnut & Park. (322 W. Walnut St., Kalamazoo; 269-903-0578). Sometimes offers vegan muffins, burritos, scones, bars, and other options. Weekdays only, breakfast and lunch. More info.
  • Water Street Coffee Joint (Several locations). Local chain offering nondairy milks and excellent vegan pastries and breakfast burritos.

Deli / Snack / Sandwich

  • Artisan Sandwich Co. (348 S. Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo; 269-220-5665). A new sandwich shop that offers vegan breads and a vegan veggie sandwich (order without cheese). More info.
  • Irving’s Market. (125 S Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo; 269-344-4787). Strong selection of vegan sandwiches, paninis, and deli food (e.g., kung pao tofu), as well as nondairy beverage options. Disappointingly, however, not all the tofu dishes are vegan: be sure to ask if yours is. More info.
  • Juicy Leaf. (316 S. Kalamazoo Mall; 269-547-7741). Juice bar featuring locally-sourced ingredients. More info.

Dessert / Ice Cream / Yogurt

  • Cherri’s Chocol’Art (245 S. Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo; 269-998-7339). Chocolate shop downtown with several vegan options, including dark chocolate peanut clusters, dark chocolate covered oreos, and dark chocolate haystacks. More info.
  • Confections with Convictions. (116 W. Crosstown Pkwy. Ste. 101, Kalamazoo; 269-381-9700). Fair trade organic chocolate shop with a specialty in making hand crafted truffles — including vegan ones! More info.
  • Let’s Swirl. (5021 W. Main St., Kalamazoo; 269-903-2662). Local FroYo shop with two rotating vegan sorbets. More info.
  • Via Gelato. (8340 Portage Rd., Portage; 269-459-6745). Homemade Gelato with Vegan and dairy free options. More info.
  • The Yogurt Co. (6118 S. Westnedge Ave., Portage; 269-327-4008). Local frozen yogurt shop that offers vegan soft serve! More info.
  • Y’opa. (165 W. Centre Ave., Portage; 269-366-4877). Another local frozen yogurt shop offering vegan soft serve! More info.
  • Sawall Deli. (2965 Oakland Dr., Kalamazoo; 269-343-3619). The deli offers Amorino gelato in several vegan flavors. More info.

Ethnic Restaurants

  • Bab El Salam (129 W Centre Ave, Portage Center Plaza, Portage; (269) 775-1330). Middle eastern food, with many vegan options, and a vegan-friendly and knowledgeable owner. More info.
  • Bangkok Flavor (5455 Gull Road, Kalamazoo; (269) 226-9341). Spicy Thai food, and restaurant will replace fish sauce with a vegan soy/mushroom sauce on request. More info.
  • Big Burrito. (5036 W. KL Ave., Kalamazoo; 269-372-2442). Great veggie and grilled-veggie burritos. More info.
  • Bulgogi Box. (1844 S. Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo; 269-382-6515). New authentic Korean restaurant with several vegan options (ask for tofu as your protein), or try the bibimbap without egg! More info.
  • The Blue Dolphin. (502 S. Burdick, Kalamazoo; 269-343-4993). Greek/American fare with several vegan appetizer options, a veggie burger, and pizza that can be ordered without cheese. More info.
  • Casa Bolero. (116 Portage St., Kalamazoo; 269-382-3148). Latin-Caribbean small plates restaurant and tequila bar with several vegan options. More Info.
  • Chau Haus Schnitzel Station. (224 W. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo; 269-532-5245). German restaurant offering vegan options including paczies, barley burgers, mushroom schnitzel, the vegestopheles sub, and a vegan soup every day.  Every Thursday and Friday, they have vegan cabbage rolls, pierogi’s, and kapusta! More info.
  • Chuancai Fang Sichuan Restaurant. (324 N Drake Rd., Kalamazoo; 269-903-2138). Authentic spicy Chinese food with many vegan options such as salt and pepper tofu and crispy eggplant. More info.
  • Cumin Indian Cuisine. (3321 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo; 269-372-6900). Indian buffet restaurant with some vegan options on the buffet, and plenty of vegan options on the menu. More info.
  • Fresh Coast Tacos.(1903 W. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo). Asian-Latin fusion fare with tacos, burritos, and bowls. Many vegan options. More Info.
  • Hillside Indian Cuisine. (600 Romence Rd., Portage; 269-324-4886). South Indian / Hyderabadi cuisine featuring all-fresh ingredients and a large vegan menu. More info.
  • Hunan Garden. (5059 West Main St., Kalamazoo; 269-373-1188). Chinese restaurant with many vegan dishes. More info.
  • Jambo African Cuisine. (6521 Stadium Dr, Kalamazoo; 269-366-4334). African food with many vegan options. More info.
  • Kumo Hibachi, Sushi & Japanese Restaurant. (6396 S. Westnedge Avenue, Portage; 269-321-8870). Some great vegan selections; makes their own (excellent) tofu. More info.
  • Maru Sushi and Grill. (427 E. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo) Popular Michigan chain offering many vegan options including some fancy vegan sushi rolls. More info.
  • Mi Pueblito. (3420 Gull Rd, Kalamazoo; 269-349-2469) Authentic Mexican food; beans and rice are both vegan. More info.
  • Pancheros. (6160 S. Westnedge Ave, Portage; 269-323-0070). Rice and bean burritos with or without veggies. Tortilla shells and guacamole made fresh on location. More info.
  • Pho On The Block. (1301 Portage St., Kalamazoo; 269-459-9998). Vietnamese cuisine including tofu bahn mi and vegan pho. More info.
  • The Pita Pit. (2913 Howard St., Kalamazoo; 269-343-7482). Hummus and falafel pitas available with veggies and a vegan sauce. More info.
  • Rasa Ria. (1921 W. Main St., Kalamazoo; 269-381-0788). Indonesian & Malaysian restaurant with a vegan-friendly owner and several options. More info.
  • Saffron. (1710 West Main Street., Kalamazoo; 269-381-9898). Indian restaurant with many vegan dishes. More info.
  • Shawarma Buffet. (2925 S Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo; 269-226-9700). Middle eastern buffet with many vegan options. More info.
  • Shawarma King. (1441 S Drake Rd, Kalamazoo; 269-375-3900). Middle Eastern restaurant with many vegan dishes. Wednesday is vegetarian day and everything vegetarian is 15% off.  Note: the lentil soup is not vegan except on Wednesdays (even then, ask before ordering). More info.
  • Spice and Rice. (525 Burrows Rd., Kalamazoo; 269-381-8618). Chinese take-out restaurant with several tofu options and veggie lo mein (order without egg!). More info.
  • A Thai Cafe. (7089 S Westnedge Ave., Portage; 269-323-3099). Thai cuisine that can be made vegan by asking to substitute the fish sauce. Many dishes can be made with tofu and asking for no egg! More info.
  • Wild Ginger. (639 Romence Road, Portage; 269-459-8502). Asian Cuisine with many tofu options. More info.
  • Ziingo Urban Asian. (3830 W Centre Ave, Portage; 269-459-1090). Asian fusion take-out, most dishes available with either tofu or veggies in place of meat. *Note: On days when they offer pork meatballs, the tofu is cooked in with the meatballs. More info.
  • Zooroona. (1710 West Main St., Kalamazoo; 269-382-4444). Middle Eastern restaurant with many vegan dishes. More info.

Quick Serve / Fast Food

  • Blaze Pizza. (5015 West Main St., Oshtemo; 269-254-8081). Large selection of pizzas with vegan cheese and over 15 veggie toppings. More info.
  • Chipotle. (5363 W Main St., Kalamazoo; 269-382-7011). Sofritas made from shredded, spiced tofu, plus salsa, guacamole, and other vegan Mexican sides. More info.
  • CoreLife Eatery. (6300 S Westnedge Ave., Portage; 269-324-0995). A healthy eating restaurant featuring many vegan options including grain bowls, broth bowls, and more. More info.
  • J. Gumbo’s. (3205 S. Westnedge Ave., Kalamazoo; 269-254-8122). Cajun and Creole chain that offers several vegan options. More info.
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill. (4206 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo; 269-544-7000 AND 6225 Westnedge Avenue, Portage; 269-459-1555). Burritos and other entrees can be made with organic tofu, plus guacamole, salsa, and other vegan Mexican sides. More info.
  • Noodles and Company. (5363 W Main St., Kalamazoo; 269-382-4100 AND 6150 S. Westnedge Ave., Portage; 269-324-1111). Several vegan dishes available. Ask staff for a list of ingredients. More info.
  • Red Robin. (5710 S. Westnedge Ave., Portage; 269-552-4237). Burger chain offering vegan burger and a few other vegan options. More info.
  • Salut Market. (3112 S. Westnedge Ave., Kalamazoo; 269-343-2620). Wine, beer, and spirits store with a tasting room that has a vegan sandwich option. More info.
  • Tropical Smoothie Cafe. (4315 W. Main Street, Kalamazoo; 269-382-4044 AND 230 W. Milham Ave., Portage; 269-532-1802). Great smoothies plus sandwiches and wraps featuring Beyond Meat faux chicken. More info.

Other / Occasion Dining

  • 600 Kitchen & Bar. (600 E. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo; 269-443-2401). Restaurant/tavern with farm-to-table eatery and seasonal dishes. Vegan dishes are indicated on the menu! More info.
  • Cosmo’s Cucina. (804 W. Vine St., Kalamazoo; 269-344-5666). Cozy bistro with multiple options that can be veganized for dinner, including squash, pasta, pizza without cheese, and salads. Very friendly, just ask when you’re there! More info.
  • Cove Lakeside Bistro. (9110 Portage Rd., Portage; 269-350-5380). Lakeside eatery overlooking West Lake in Portage with a few vegan menu options. Vegan menu options are marked. More info.
  • Feed The World Cafe. (7000 Stadium Dr., Kalamazoo; 269-353-6620). Restaurant with unique food and local ingredients. Several well marked vegan options. More info.
  • Fieldstone Grill. (3970 West Centre Ave., Portage; 269-321-8480). Neighborhood restaurant featuring several vegan entrees. More Info.
  • Sawall Cafe 36. (2965 Oakland Dr., Kalamazoo; 269-343-3619). Upscale dining with several vegan options. More info.
  • The Union. (125 S. Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo; 269-384-6756). Several vegan menu options such as tofu burger and a southern plate with peppered tofu. Live music every Thursday – Sunday. More info.

On the Road

  • Chinn Chinn. (52885 N. Main St., Mattawan; 269-668-7667). Modern Asian bistro with lots of vegan options. More info.
  • Great China. (218 E. Michigan Ave., Paw Paw; 269-415-0803). Most items on the menu can be ordered with tofu instead of meat. They also have a dedicated vegetarian menu available upon request. More info.
  • Maude’s Taphouse. (117 E Allegan St., Ostego; 269-692-3377). Tavern style restaurant with vegan options and meals that can be modified, including wraps, burgers, and bar food. More info.
  • Nonla Vietnamese Street Food. (24050 Front Ave., Mattawan; 269-668-7938) Outstanding Vietnamese inspired street food including pho, roasted tofu banh mi, and vermicelli salad. Tiny place, no reservations: be prepared to wait. More info.
  • Silver Beach Pizza. (410 Vine Street, St. Joseph, 269-983-4743). Silver Beach Pizza offers Daiya vegan cheese with pizza. More info.
  • The Sugar Bear. (101 W. Michigan Avenue, Paw Paw; 269-657-4841). The Sugar Bear has vegan burgers, quesadillas, ice cream, and other fun foods. More info.
  • Walt & Marie’s. (44947 W Red Arrow Hwy, Paw Paw; 269-657-7570). Excellent vegan burger and a knowledgeable staff. Vegan pizza with or without Follow Your Heart cheese available upon request (even thouhg it’s not on the menu!) More info.
  • For Grand Rapids vegan restaurants, click here.

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